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no egos and no pretence,

Peak Physique Sussex is a gym situated in Worthing, that provides not just Personal Training but also offers Sports Therapy, Nutrition Advice and Sport Specific Elite Coaching. 

Mike Oakley

Mike Oakley

Owner | Personal Trainer | Nutritionist | Therapist | Boxing Coach


Mike Oakley the owner of Peak Physique Sussex has dedicated his time in training to becoming a fully trained:

Level 5 Sports Therapist.

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Nutritional Consultant

Qualified England Boxing Coach

Mike is a personal trainer in Worthing,  that focuses on anything from general health and fitness including weight loss to sport specific elite coaching and injury rehabilitation.

Furthermore the gym is also available for other qualified Personal Trainers to operate out from as the gym is available for hire at competitive prices and already have a number of PT’s that hold their own 1-2-1 & group classes. 

Peak Physique is also home to the renowned Peak Boxing Club. Offering full boxing coaching and boxing fitness. Whether it be for fitness or to compete Peak Boxing is the place to train.

With no egos and no pretence, Peak is the gym that will get you into the best shape of your life if you are prepared to work hard!


Personal Training Offers


30 Minutes £20


45 Minutes £28


60 Minutes £35


Special Offer - Buy 6 for the price of 5

Tailored for you

More about training

One-to-one & small group personal training and fitness solutions for women and men of all age groups and abilities.

Personal Training can suit anyone. It’s not just for the very rich or elite athletes. The training we provide is suitable for all ages and abilities. So should it be cycling, running, walking & hiking or circuits, weights and fighting the flab, we will be there with you.

We specialize in designing fitness programmes that are personal and tailored to your individual needs to help you achieve your personal health goals. Every session is fun and varied and designed to fit around your daily lifestyle.


Initial Consultation

Before we begin training we provide a no-obligation consultation. This will give you the opportunity to meet your personal instructor prior to starting your sessions and to discuss your health, fitness and lifestyle aims and objectives. Whatever your fitness goals are, we will discuss with you how the sessions will be structured to help you achieve these.

We provide all necessary training equipment including free weights, stability balls, exercise matts, medicine balls, skipping ropes, boxing equipment, steps, etc. Our training packages include but are not limited too:


  • Weight management and body fat reduction
  • Improved body shape, posture and body toning
  • Increase in strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination
  • Increased confidence and well-being
  • Decrease in stress and fatigue
  • Raised energy levels, fitness and endurance
  • Increased personal motivation to exercise.

Fitness assessment

The first session will be a fitness assessment to discover your current level of health. This includes: strength, endurance, flexibility, heart rates and body measurements. These will all be recorded to make up your own Personal Fitness Report, this will help us to see your progression as we get closer to your goals.


A food diary is optional. The benefit of keeping a food diary is to asses your current eating habits and adjust them where necessary. We can also offer suggestions on ways to avoid food cravings. So with information about your lifestyle, current level of fitness and eating habits, we can build a personalised fitness programme around you to help you reach your goals.

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